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Hobbit Now Serving Elevensies Wall Sign, woodwork pyrography

Hobbit Now Serving Elevensies Wall Sign, woodwork pyrography

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Hobbit Now Serving Elevensies Wall Sign, woodwork pyrography

This high-quality Hobbit Now Serving Elevenses Wall Sign is a handcrafted work of art for fans of The Lord of the Rings. It features beautiful woodwork pyrography and includes a detailed reminder of meal times from the beloved series. Accurately display a unique and tasteful homage to Tolkien's world. Perfect for your kitchen or dining room!

Measurements: 18 in. by 11 in.

Material: Pine Plywood 1/8 inch

This piece will go out within 7-10 days of ordering (it's a popular item and the minions are cranking them out as fast as we can!

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Shipping & Handling:
Item will go out in 7-10 days after receiving payment.

*In US, this item will go out in a Padded Priority Mail Envelope.

Money Back Guarantee:
If you are not completely satisfied with the item when you receive, contact us and we will make it right. If we can not meet your expectations, just return the item within 7 days and we will REFUND YOUR MONEY. We are sure you will be very happy with your purchase.

We also do custom commission pieces so if you want something painted or modded for you, contact us and we will produce a custom gun just for you.

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**Note On 3D Printed Items:
3D Printed Items are protected under the Creative Commons License. I do not own the design nor am I profiting from the designers work. I am selling the actual printing work and raw materials. Unless otherwise mentioned Creative Commons License can be found at

Materials: wood

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