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Laser engraved flasks

Laser engraved flasks are one of our best selling items and one of the first things we started engraving. Flasks are a pretty common gift and wedding party accessory and Amazon is full of them but I wanted to offer something a bit more personal and unique.

Laser engraved flasks with vintage labels

Poison Vintage Label Flask

These poison vintage label flasks were among my favorite to make as I love anything Victorian Gothic. The vintage labels are laser engraved into the black aluminum flasks and have the great look of a turn of the century medicine labels.

Arsenic Poison Flask

Peaky Blinders Garrison Public House Flask

If you're a fan of Peaky Blinders like I am, you'll love our Peaky Blinders flasks engraved with the The Garrison Public House Shelby Brothers' label. I wanted to make something that both would look like a great fan gift but also look like it would actually exist in the show's world; I think this flask fits. Any fan of the show would love it, but you could also see a Peak Blinder taking this out his jacket for a quick sip. 

Peak Blinders Flask

In the Princess Bride, Westley, under the guise of the Dread Pirate Roberts, when challenging Vizzini to a battle of wits presents him with iocaine powder. He seemingly poisons one of two wine goblets with iocaine, and challenges Vizzini to figure out which one is poisoned. Of course, it doesn't end well for Vizzini, but this flask is a fun fan favorite.

Man In Black Princess Bride Flask
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