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Tudor / Victorian Jewelry Box, 3D Printed in "Wood" with English ROse

Geek House Creations

  • $ 2500

This is a reproduction of a Tudor / Victorian Jewelry box with latch and Tudor English Rose-- the perfect jewelry case or gift box. This is a 3D Printed item using real wood filament! The detail on this little jewelry box matches those hand carved ones at a fraction of the price. The case comes with a latch that can be opened a secret sliding panel.

This is not only a great way to hold your jewelry but also makes an amazing gift box for an engagement ring.

This box features the English Tudor Rose in choice of "wood" or white imitation "Ivory".


The box measures 4x4x4 inches.

Other color options may be available if you contact me.

This is a gorgeous piece sure to look great on your mantle or nightstand.

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