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Steampunk / Dieselpunk Tesla Shooter Nerf Pistol with LED vintage vacuum bulbs for Cosplay and Display. Looks like something out of Bioshock

Geek House Creations

  • $ 25000

I am extremely proud to present this very impressive original Steampunk Electro-Plasma Tesla Shooter complete with display stand for display! This piece will not only be the perfect addition to any cosplay costume but will also serve as the perfect decoration for your office or mantel-- a sure conversation starter when entertaining.

This is a gorgeous piece with amazing detail and work. Engraved filigrees decorate the barrel and the ammo chambers and LED light up two vintage vacuum bulbs and the barrel. This gun sits confidently on the included stand for easy display. The display stand comes with a name plate detailing the gun's origin and the underside of the stand includes a great back story (included as text below).

LEDs use one 3 volt battery.

Gun does NOT fire, but trigger can be pulled moving the revolving ammo chamber.

This is the perfect gift and an amazing decorative piece. Additional pictures available upon request.


"The Rotator MK II Electro-Plasma Shooter was designed by Dr. Ralph Towers of the Armory Royal in 1890 in cooperation with Nikola Tesla. The design is based upon the earlier Rotator Revolver of 1888 which in turn was a modification of the MK I Webley Pistol design of 1887 which fired conventional ammunition. Dr. Towers incorporated patented Electro Plasma technology into the Webley chassis by adapting the gun to fire electricity charged lithium and iron electrified projectiles at high velocity. These “electro-plasma” bolts are able to pierce 6.35 millimeters of armor plating at 20 yards. The gun has an effective range of 30 meters, though the bolt begins to arch after 15 meters. For shots over 15 meters, the MK II has been equipped with a rangefinder sight that requires the gun to be elevated a few degrees over target. The MK II Electro Plasma Shooter was produced in limited numbers as the Lithium Iron projectiles were considered prohibitively expensive for wide use by common infantry. The MK II soon found popularity with airship pilots who favored the weapons penetration when confronting enemy dirigibles. MK I’s were also the choice of agents of the Crown while on particularly tasking missions. Several MK II’s even made it into the hands of private contractors with at least one MK II making it to the Americas."

*Please be aware this Nerf Gun is very realistic looking and caution should be used if taking it outside because it could be mistaken for a real weapon. This gun is meant for Cosplay and recreational uses only.

Shipping & Handling:
Gun will go out in 3-5 days after receiving payment. This piece will ship Priority Mail with a tracking number. You item will arrived carefully packed.

European customers welcomed! Unfortunately, shipping Priority to Europe has become a bit expensive therefore the additional cost.

Money Back Guarantee:
If you are not completely satisfied with the item when you receive, contact us and we will make it right. If we can not meet your expectations, just return the item within 7 days and we will REFUND YOUR MONEY. We are sure you will be very happy with your purchase.

We also do custom commission pieces so if you want something painted or modded for you, contact us and we will produce a custom gun just for you.

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