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WWII Soviet submachinegun PPSH-41, non-firing Denix reproduction.


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This is one of the most iconic weapons of WWII, the PPSH-41. This was the backbone of the Soviet Army during WWII and it served them well in every battle on the Russian Front. Known for its reliability and high rate of fire, the PPSH-41 even become a favorite captured weapon of the German infantryman. The weapon was so successful that it was also used in the Korean War and Vietnam. 

This gun was also present in the videogame Fallout 3.

This magnicent Denix replica features real walnut wood stock, a detachable magazine, and working bolt and trigger. This is Denix's newest reproduction and extremely rare! Except for the bright orange plug in the barrel, this is a perfect reproduction of this historically important weapon.

Overall Length: 34.5”


Please allow 2 weeks delivery time from date of order.

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