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Leather Bracers for Medieval or Pirate Cosplay or LARP

Geek House Creations

  • $ 3950

This is a set of dark brown leather vambraces or arm bracers with brass studs and overlapping leather segments. These bracers tie together with heavy shoe string (included) and are made to fit an adult arm OVER clothing. On a bare arm or thin arm they may be a bit loose.

These bracers are perfect for Renaissance Fair, LARP, or any other Medieval/Pirate cosplay. They could also fit into a Fallout or Post-Apocalyptic world.

One order consists of one set of two bracers.

9.5 inches long (approx)
10 inches wide (approx) around the upper arm.

Shipping & Handling:
This item will go out in 7-10 days after receiving payment.