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Large Bulbasaur Planter from Pokemon, perfect for herbs and gardening

Geek House Creations

  • $ 1600

This cute bulbasaur planter is made from hard (and slightly more expensive) ABS plastic, not the cheaper PLA plastic. Why? Because PLA plastic tends to melt in the sun and summer heat. So that cute, cheap Bulbasuar is going to turn to goo on a hot summer day.This high quality ABS planter will have no such trouble and will not weather, crack, or rust. It also has a draining whole on the bottom for convenience.

We use for small herbs like mint and sage and it works great! Get a few for your herb garden and bring them in when the weather gets cold.

They look great whether on your window sill or garden.

Measures 3 x 3 x 3 inches.

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This piece will go out 7-14 days after ordering depending on current volume.

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