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Fallout 4 10mm Pistol with Brotherhood of Steel and Extended Barrel options

Geek House Creations

  • $ 11000

The Vault-Tec 10mm Pistol from Fallout 4 is the first gun you get and the most iconic one in the game.

Our version comes with options, options and more options!

You can make your own Vault-Tec 10mm pistol to your standards. Whether you want the standard issue just to keep a few radroaches away or a Reflex Scope, extended magazine version with a Brotherhood of Steel Grip to show your faction loyalty, we've got your pistol!

Standard issue:
Reflex Scope and Slotted Barrel Extension
Brotherhood of Steel Grip
Brotherhood Deluxe
All of the above

Please inquire for any customization or alterations.

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