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Denix Replica M1911 Government 45 Automatic Pistol with Deadpool custom grips.

Geek House Creations

  • $ 13500

Denix Replica M1911 45 Automatic Pistol with Deadpool custom grips.

Denix replicas are the premiere non-firing prop replicas in the world. This Denix replica has been modded with exclusive Geek House Creations Deadpool grips. The grips replace the stock Denix grips (though those grips will be included in the purchase and you will receive them. 

These come in black but are available in Silver Nickplate.

The Geek House Creations Deadpool 45. Cal. pistol prop comes with Deadpool sarcastic writing and dirty used exterior with removable graffiti ed magazines.

Single Pistol or Sets of Two Pistols.

**Please add a note as to the color schemes, Classic or all Black Modern.

12 Inches

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