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Steampunk inspired machine-gun with light and sound.

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Two years ago, I had an idea to create a Steampunk style alternate weapon inspired by my love of the Lewis Gun Machine gun. After alot of work and trial and error, I offer you a first look at look at our original creation, the "Tower Bolt Light Machine Gun" or "TALB" for short. 

The TALB has an alternate history Steampunk inspired history where it predates the Lewis Gun. It fires supercharged bolts and it is meant to shoot down enemy dirigibles. 

Here's a quick "walk-around" of this magnificent piece.

Steampunk machinegun

"Do NOT puncture the coolant tank!"Steampunk machinegun vacuum bulbs

The vintage radio vacuum bulbs use LED Lights.

Steampunk vacuum bulbs lights

The vintage radio vacuum bulbs light up with LED lights and when you pull the trigger, the center cowl flashes and the barrel flashes with a red blinking light and "machine-gun" sound 

The core of this piece is the an antique 1911 Black & Decker electric drill with the original build plate and serial number. At first, I was conflicted about taking the old beautiful drill apart, but I think I did it justice. 

Black & Decker Vintage Power Drill Steampunk

Steampunk Machine gun

Over the next week or two, I'll post more details on the construction of this piece and how it came to be. Hope you enjoy this quick view of the Geek House Creations Steampunk Machine gun "TALB".

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