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Deadpool grips for Denix 1911 45 cal. replicas

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I love Denix replicas, and I am always amazed that few try to mod them or add to these amazing reproductions. Given that I already make very popular grips for the Deadpool plastic toy 1911s, I wanted to see if I could alter my Deadpool grips the Denix 1911 pistols. With the new Deadpool movie coming out, I thought this would be a great piece for all those aspiring mercs out there. 

My own grips are based on original grips are based on existing grips in Thingverse by PrintedFireArms. I did some alterations to size and depth in Meshmixer to make them fit into the slightly smaller Denix 1911 govt. issues and added the Deadpool logo. The resizing was difficult because the Denix replicas are so close to the real 1911's that the difference was minimal-- a matter of milometer here or there. After much trial and error. The result are some pretty cool grips for my black 1911 and my Silver Nickle plated 1911. Next I'm thinking of doing some nice Punisher grips because I can't think of a more likely pistol for Frank Castle. 

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