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Rey's LPA NN-14 blaster pistol

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Rey's LPA NN-14 blaster pistol was the blaster pistol used by Rey in the The Force Awakens. Han Solo gives her this blaster as a way for her to protect herself besides her trusty staff. It's never really clear where Han gets the blaster from or whether it's a personal weapon or even if it's ever been used. At first, Rey was reluctant to using it. It contains a safety switch which prevents the blaster from firing at a crucial moment. Rey's LPA NN-14 blaster working tutorial

This is my first attempt at a 3D printed version. The build consists of about 10 parts. The pic here shows the blaster built and primed ready for painting. I'm trying to think of how "chrome" I want to go with this one since I also like the idea of a bit of weathering. The print doesn't come with the screws used in the original gun which appear to be M2/M3 screws. I may look around for some of those but I decided to make my own with a bit of putty and my trusty Allen key. 

I actually like this ugly design so much that I'm thinking of producing a Dieselpunk version of it with the main body painted Army Green and weathered.

In Force Awakens, it's interesting that the blaster seems to be based on the frame of the DL-44 Blastech blaster as it has the same Mauser handle with something that looks like an oil can as a body.


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