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Steampunk Airship Captain's gun from Geek House Creations

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I'v been wanting to do an all metal Steampunk weapon for a long time, but have never really had the chance. Thankfully, since I've become an authorized Denix Gun Replica dealer I've had more access to these great replicas. I decided to convert this Vulcan Repeating Pistol into a Steampunk weapon with some real brass components, including a functioning telescopic sight. As I always like to add a bit of alt-history and sense to my guns---no random cogs and gears--- I added a short fictitious history to this weapon:
"According to our records, the Air Captain's pistol was a heavily modified Vulcan repeating pistol used by select troops aboard dirigibles during the various Air Wars of the 19th century. The pistol fired two kinds of projectiles, the conventional 41. caliber round and the special and heavier incendiary thermite round. The thermite rounds were specifically designed as anti- dirigible rounds meant to cause fire and havoc on opposing airships. The heavy round required a complex range finder to use properly. The thermite round also required that the barrel be primed with air via the reloading level pump, A small gauge indicted when the barrel was primed and the gun could be fired."
If anyone is interested in this item, you'll find it in my shop under here.

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